How Cryptocurrency Investment Can Power the Next Stage of AI Adoption

Decentralizing the World Economy with Trusted Bitcoin: Exploring the Possibility of Decentralized Blockchain-Based Networks for Hosting AI Processes

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2 min readMar 6, 2023


How Blockchain is Transforming Computing Resources for AI

As AI continues to revolutionize different sectors of the economy, there is a pressing need for computing resources to power all machine intelligence. However, the cost of training and running AI models is incredibly high, making it difficult for many organizations to afford the necessary infrastructure.

Cryptocurrency Mining for AI Processing

To address this challenge, a small but increasing number of cryptocurrency miners are exploring ways to leverage their computing infrastructure to advance AI. Cryptocurrency mining organizations are using their facilities for high-performance computing and AI processing, despite the different computing hardware required.

Decentralizing the Global Economy with Trusted Bitcoin

One of the most exciting aspects of cryptocurrency investment is the potential for miners to shift their computing resources to AI within the blockchain space. By using decentralized blockchain-based networks for hosting AI processes, a globally distributed AI network could be established, making it more difficult for governments or other parties to centrally control.

Implications for Decentralizing the Global Economy

A non-trivial portion of global AI processing being done on crypto mining facilities could have implications beyond finance. Crypto mining rigs are based in diverse legal jurisdictions and are owned by different parties. A globally distributed AI network that relies on mining rigs will be challenging for governments to control, which could potentially decentralize the global economy.

The fusion of distributed computing, strong encryption, and decentralized control has broad applications beyond finance. As each business domain becomes dominated by AI, decentralizing the software and hardware underlying AI will be a critical aspect of decentralizing the global economy. Repurposing cryptocurrency mining hardware for running AI processing will increasingly form part of this story, and the potential for decentralized blockchain-based networks for hosting AI processes is exciting.



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